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I haven't Lj'd in quite a while, I suppose. I haven't had 2AM multiparagraph rants here since I left my job at Google. Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself.

My father passed away this past January. He was 55. He spent a year and a half on dialysis for kidney failure before deciding to not do dialysis anymore. I don't think he wanted to die, but rather he had grown tired of living that way. When he first looked really bad, two years ago, I took a hard look at myself. I was nearly 400 lbs, with high blood pressure, pre-diabetic (what the hell is pre-diabetic...), and miserable. So I quit that job, the best company in the world my ass.

Man. That was a ride. I feel like I should be able to pull up a three page rant on what went down there, but I just don't have it in me. Maybe age has quelled the fire, or maybe the rage simply isn't there now.

I've gone back to college in my mid thirties. Using my GI Bill. My kids are closer in age to my classmates than I am. My daughter is hanging out with two of my EE classmates today while I work.

I was able to find a group of peers in our veteran organization. I spent my second and will be spending part of my third as the Secretary / Director of Communications / Webmaster in the org.

I'm working part time at the school for the art department. It's good work, or so they say. Pay is less than half what I used to make, but more than twice what others going to school make. For me, it isn't the pay that matters, it's getting to work with these young adults, helping them learn the woodshop tools. That and the near unrestricted woodshop access, which I don't make use of near as much as I should.

Another reason I don't LJ as much is taking on the admin role over at the Slorum. I get my rumbly mind out in fewer lines across multiple threads there. It's nice. Sometimes I see why the previous site owner hung up the hat. You can't please everyone, and even pleasing the majority will piss some people right off.

I suppose I'm still out here, on the internet, just not on LJ as much.

To anyone who reads this, hello. Sorry for my youthful burning rage. I'd delete it, but that would be disingenuous. It simply is a reflection of how I had felt at those ages.

Hello, goodbye, hello, goodbye.
Tags: rant

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