Alden Coleman is an anagram for Called No Name (waygroovy) wrote,
Alden Coleman is an anagram for Called No Name

Time to sleep.

Listen, you all. I'm gonna need your full attention for an overnighter. Our Grandle didn't pull the compile Monday, so we're going to really need to give it 110% to pull four nines. Let's take the terraquad of qbits, run it through eclipse, and make sure to add three Internet. We'll also want to ensure our BdoSs protection is running. I've got the two servers running through a dedicated IP. Once we have a stable existing project, we'll be able to synergize with the Mumble group to ensure full SQL saturation. Ready?

Gotam son. What have you been drinking? Everyone knows you'll need a hands-free magnified Cat6of9 just to get the jitter to an acceptable range. We don't even have GabeN's permission to downsize the discount. What we really want is to get Live with the Ody Memes. I'll grab the labtops, you make sure you don't hit the glasses with your face. Remember now, it's time to show dem nips ifn you need some Cheeze Wiz in your 'Nilla Wafers.

I know you're getting upset. That's why we need to coalesce the frontpage, backwash, IRC, and Mumble. Chaos, mad chaos, like debating youself in Breaking News simply because you can't stand to be right. Pil? How much time do we have until the DoTs cooldown is completed? Listen. We need to get this moving nao son. This would be simple with a table saw, you have no idea. We just need the right tools.

Sorry. I'm doing this from my phone. The government really is watching, since I gave them our logfiles. It's okay, they're gzipped with the torrents in my sharted drive. Nothing can get past that 8 bit encryption. It'd take a compy literal seconds to get past my firewalls.

Day 12470 started like any other day. Waking up early to Leroy Jenkins having a nightmare, had to go pee. Sleeping on the chair while he licked my feet, trying to sleep, trying to decide to wake up. Another failure to launch, another failure to understand, to comprehend. Maybe if the threadlock didn't get all up in this place, and people could return to nice, rational discussions. Instead we have heated arguments over the poorly drank Art that isn't even in the native form of the artist. Art, in the form of a 9mm. Atheistic spaghetti invading Texas? Not in my country, by damn.

Failing. Fourth Grade. How could it be so hard? Is it my fault? What should I have done differently. Mister Mom isn't the jorb I felt like it would be. Spaghetti Tacos, sure, that's fun once in a while. But day 5 of Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches really can strain the bio tubes. Clogged tubes, no fun, 404 that toilet. Formula 404. And why the hell did Peter Cullen sign on to read those forsaken lines. I'll Kill you All!?! No faith to his original character.

Listen. If there's only one thing you can take out of this it's this: Fire your Reddit, eat your bank account, and hit the DMCA. If you do that, you'll be sure to take down the crowd funded open source project in Three Twinks. This message brought to you by Thomas Jefferson. "It is much easier to avoid errors by having good information at first, than to unravel and correct them after they are committed."

/drops. mic.
Tags: rant

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