Alden Coleman is an anagram for Called No Name (waygroovy) wrote,
Alden Coleman is an anagram for Called No Name


Noone was wondering, but I'm posting all of my toolbar bookmarks.

I use the blank page as my default load page. I just don't like loading something if I'm not about to view it. meh.
My first real bookmark takes me to my first real email address, one that is over 10 years old.
Jen has been using AOL as her default email address since we first got aol back in 2000. We haven't paid a dollar to AOL since '04, but she still uses the email address.
I opened a hotmail account to be able to instant message people I worked with, as most of the people I worked with had MSN messenger screen-names.
Gmail was my first "professional" email address. I wanted to have a mailbox for things like resumes and ebilling.
My very first experiance with LJ was watching my sister type a blog entry on our grandfather passing away. I thought it was weird/dorky at the time :)
The myspace bug bit me when I wanted a more graphic customized personal page. I made my background image myself, using gimp.
Shortly after starting blogging here on LJ i made a PB account to host images. I paid for a years service early this year when I started my now defunct webcam.
I buy stuff like college textbooks and hard to find movies from amazon. And used best-of-year sci-fi short story collections.
After we had 3 movies a week late at blockbuster twice in the same month I decided we needed to switch to 'flix. I did the math and we had spent 27$/month over the course of the previous two years before the switch.
I don't know why it's still a toolbar bookmark, but I still use paypal for buying Magic Online cards, and for stuff I recycle onto ebay. was where I was introduced to trolling LJ images, which was the reason I created an LJ account. I started blogging only as a afterthought. oh, and this link is definately NSFW.
Did you know that piratebay has TV episodes now. I just got a cool DVD/VCR combo that plays DIVX files natively.
I started a bloglines account to be able to quickly and easily access my friends blogs via BlackBerry, since at the time I had no other internet access. It took me about 4 hours to set it up properly...

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